Memories seep from my veins…

Posted: March 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

How do you put a life into words? How do you say what someone meant to you with only 26 letters at your disposal? Mary Lyke was so much more than words or descriptions, but I will do my best to share who she was.

A graceful woman with a kind heart, a positive outlook, and a beautiful soul. These are just a few of the things that I could use to tell you who she was. She had a poise and peacefulness about her and an attitude that said “It’s alright, everything’s fine” She was always ok no matter what was going on, she just walked forward and reminded you that it would get better. She turned a rainy day into something special and a broken leg into an extended vacation. Nothing got her down and her smile was infectious, you simply couldn’t be anything but glad to be alive while you were with her. She loved her husband dearly and their marriage was a testament to how commitment could be. She stayed up late he got up early, she had her coffee he drank his tea, and yet their love lasted to the end. What they had was an integral part of her life, and I am honored to have seen it firsthand. She was always ready with genuine interest and support for even the strangest of her loved ones endeavors. Never once did she say “Well that’s just silly” but rather “well that’s different, tell me more” She was up for anything and brought people so much joy through her actions or even the funny things she would say or do. I can remember her fighting my mother for the batter covered spoon insisting that there was more to be gleaned from the nearly spotless bowl. She was always happy to make us laugh. She was a beautiful portrait of how a life may be lived. She wouldn’t want us to be sad for her, but not a day will go by that we do not think of her, miss her, and love her. I cannot say enough about how much she meant to me, I cannot put into words what an amazing woman she was.  She has left a gap in many hearts that I pray that we may fill with love to equal hers, love to remember this beautiful woman. Grandma Mary you were a light to so many of us, and we will not let that light go out. You will be missed, you will be remembered and you will be loved.

Do not shed a tear for me

Do not weep nor cry

But rather try to think of me

And of happy times gone by

Please let me live inside your heart

And know I loved you so

I’ve gone to make a brand new start

It’s why I had to go

So keep me in your memories

And try your best to smile

I want you to be happy please

And I’ll see you in awhile.


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